It is All a Story

All writings here should be considered a work of fiction. Most of what I write here are my dreams or writings inspired by dreams. I try hard to stay true to the dreams as they happened.

A Note About My Characters

A lot of characters that show up in the stories are people from my own life. These characters should be considered fictional because they are my representation of them.

If you are feel great that I wrote a story about you, then great. You are welcome. However, if you not happy about it, please understand that the you who shows up in my dream is not the same person in this world. You of the dream world is but a symbol, an idea, or an aspect of myself.

Furthermore, even the two you’s who show up in two different dreams are totally different people because they are part of different dream worlds. In any case, I use first names only or sometimes change the names for privacy reasons when appropriate.

A few words regarding the characters in my own family like my brother or mother. Most of the time they refer more to an universal brother or mother archetype within myself that I need to work with. They are not referring to the actual person.

Issues and Conflicts

If you appear as a character in my dream and still feel that it affects you in some way, please get in touch. I will be more than happy to change your name or remove any identifying elements.