About Deepak Nuli

Yu hu! My name is Deepak and I am enchanted by the world of dreams. I used to computer before. Now I travel the world. And I write. I write stories. Sometimes I write poetry. All inspired by journeys to the dream world. The ones that fascinate me. Enchant me.

If you are the same but can’t remember your journeys, fret not. I have transcribed my journeys here for your reading pleasure. Maybe it can help you remember yours. Please join me.

The Quest

The quest with my writing is to explore my own unconscious and make sense of the world around me. I sometimes connect with the collective unconscious through my dreams. This is where I experience your stories along with mine.

These writings also help me find my place within this world that I share with you and everyone else. My hope is that the writings will help you as well in your own journeys. In this world and beyond.

The Writing

I am also learning the art of storytelling through my writing. I don’t any formal writing education. I write what shows up. I write what feels true even though it might be scary. Most often than not poetic and symbolic language takes precedence over facts. Who needs facts anyways?

The Setting

Imagine it’s late in the evening. You are part of an ancient tribe in the middle of the Amazon forest. There is no TV. There are no iPhones. All you have is you and the stars above. Every evening you assemble around an ancient tree to share your stories with your fellow tribes folk. The stories of your father and forefathers, stories of the great wars, and stories of the travels to the world beyond and to the stars.

This is what we are doing. Sitting. Sharing. In the dark. Under the stars. These are the tales from my visits to the dark side of the moon. A world where things disappear forever after sunrise. However, I am here to remember them for you. And serve you the tales you’ve long since forgotten, like it or not.

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